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Riviera Heights Homeowners Associ= ation


Reco= mmended actions before filing a request for resolution:

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  1. If this is an emergency (threatening human life or property and demands immediate attention) call 9-1-1 or contact Lakeport Police/Sheriff at 263-5491.
  2. If you have a complaint regarding animal control (dog barking, etc.), file a “Barking Dog Complaint” form with Animal Control or contact Animal Control at 263-0278 or http://www.co.lake.ca.u= s/Page759.aspx for more information.
  3. Abandoned vehicles should be brought to the attention of the CHP (California Hig= hway Patrol) 279-0103 or the Sheriff’s Department at 263-2690 to request the vehicle be tagged. Allow a couple of days.
  4. To try to res= olve neighbor situations yourself, here’s some tips:
    1. Consider the situation. Before you try to do anything, take time to make sure you = have the situation straight in your own mind. Ask yourself the following questions; What effect is this having on me? What would I like to do = to resolve the situation? Write down some notes.
    2. Talk to your neighbor. It may be possible they are unaware of the situation. If you feel nervous or intimidated, take a friend or other neighbor with you. They can act as a witness should tempers rise. Be courteous and polite and willing to listen to their point of view. Be clear about what the issue is and how it is affecting you. Walk away if you feel threatene= d in any way. If you are seriously concerned about your safety, do not att= empt contact and pursue the matter officially through the Police/Sheriff Department.
    3. Take notes o= f all conversations you have.
    4. Write a lett= er. This may seem formal, but can be effective. Type it up neatly and kee= p a copy for evidence that you have attempted to resolve the situation. I= t will come in handy should you local authorities become involved.
    5. Keep a diary= . Make a note of each incident, recording the time of occurrence, descriptio= n of what is going on, and what effect it had on you. This can be used as evidence should a formal complaint be needed.


  1. If none of the above suggestions will resolve your situation, print the Resolution Request form linked to the web page and submit the form to the RHHA of= fice by mail, fax or hand-delivering to the office on Tuesday-Thursday from= 10-2.



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